HiMS Lends a Helping Hand

Giving back to the communities in which we work and live is core to our mission at HiMS. Recently, our Tucson team had the opportunity to volunteer with Youth On Their Own (YOTO), a dropout prevention program that supports high school graduation and the continued success of local youth experiencing homelessness. We spent the day […]

UX + AI = Productivity

It’s no secret that health care providers are overburdened with administrative tasks, leaving them with less time to actually spend with patients. A new study published in JAMIA underscores the impact of stress brought on by ineffective EHRs: Physicians with an increase in perceived EHR stress had 1.15 times greater odds of burnout.  However, an […]

Interoperability in Health Care

Our last blog outlined the benefits of improving communication in integrated health care practices and understanding how patients prefer to communicate.