Empowering Clinicians to Deliver Care Anywhere

Connecting patient care with mobile technology, AxiomMobile brings healthcare to your fingertips, ensuring seamless, quality services anytime, anywhere.

The Future of Health Care is Virtually-Assisted and Mobile-Ready


of professionals use tablets for care coordination


of professionals use smartphones for care coordination

AxiomMobile: Redefining Care Coordination

AxiomMobile offers unparalleled flexibility and mobility, enabling health care professionals to provide exceptional care remotely. Broaden the scope of EHR systems by catering to a diverse set of health care needs with a future-ready app.

Solving Your Biggest Mobile Care Challenges

AxiomMobile is a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant mobile care app transforming care delivery. It’s designed to adapt to the dynamic needs of modern health care, ensuring care is accessible, efficient, and patient-centered.

Challenge #1

Centralized Communication

Challenge #2


Challenge #3


Challenge #4

Excessive Data
Entry Burdens

Challenge #5

Remote Access
to Care

Challenge #6

Medical Errors

Seamless, Efficient, and Innovative Mobile Care Solutions

Mobile Accessibility

AxiomMobile ensures healthcare professionals have critical information at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere. This mobile-first approach enhances accessibility, allowing for efficient patient care and streamlined workflows.

EHR Capabilities

With AxiomMobile, experience enhanced EHR functionalities on the go. Clinicians can effortlessly create notes, prescribe medications, and manage patient data, ensuring continuity of care outside the clinic walls.

Industry Insights

AxiomMobile provides valuable industry insights directly to your mobile device. Stay informed with the latest healthcare trends and updates, enabling informed decision-making and proactive patient care.

Privacy & Security

Prioritizing patient confidentiality, AxiomMobile offers a HIPAA-compliant solution. Secure communication and data handling safeguard sensitive information, ensuring trust and compliance.

Internal Communication

Enhance team collaboration with AxiomMobile’s internal communication tools. Seamless integration with various platforms facilitates efficient, real-time coordination among healthcare professionals.

Electronic Visit Verification

AxiomMobile simplifies Electronic Visit Verification, allowing clinicians to authenticate service delivery accurately and efficiently. This feature ensures compliance and streamlines the verification process.

Advanced Mobile Care Capabilities

AxiomMobile enhances care quality, streamlines processes, and ensures a superior patient experience.

Why AxiomMobile?

Care Continuity

AxiomMobile ensures uninterrupted care continuity. It facilitates seamless communication between care teams and patients, maintaining consistent care even outside clinical settings.

Patient Experience

Enhance patient engagement and satisfaction with AxiomMobile. It offers an intuitive platform for patients to access their health information, fostering a more involved and informed healthcare journey.

Increased Productivity

Boost productivity with AxiomMobile’s efficient tools. Its streamlined processes and easy access to information allow healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks.


Designed for the modern healthcare environment, AxiomMobile is fully mobile-ready, ensuring healthcare providers can deliver care and access vital information from anywhere, at any time.

The AxiomMobile Process

Seamless Mobile Integration

AxiomMobile prioritizes both patient and provider needs to deliver an optimized user experience. It offers a centralized, secure online platform for patients to access health records, schedule appointments, and communicate directly with their care team.

Strategy & Roadmap

AxiomMobile begins with a clear strategy and roadmap, focusing on delivering a centralized, HIPAA-compliant, and user-friendly tool to revolutionize health care communication and management.


At the core of AxiomMobile’s development is AI technology, ensuring instantaneous care delivery and elevating the health care experience for both providers and patients

Visual & UX Design

AxiomMobile’s design prioritizes ease of use for clinicians, enabling them to efficiently manage tasks such as note creation, prescription writing, and lab report ordering, all within a visually appealing and intuitive user interface.

Launch & Monitor

The launch and monitoring phase of AxiomMobile ensures that clinicians can perform their tasks effectively and efficiently, using a single mobile device, thereby reducing the need to switch between multiple applications and enhancing overall health care delivery.

An All-in-One Mobile Care App

Introducing AxiomMobile, HiMS’s new all-in-one mobile care app, enhancing health care with AI, voice recognition, and improved patient care coordination.

Give Your Clinicians the Mobility to Succeed

Experience the future of health care with AxiomMobile. Discover how our innovative mobile EHR app can transform your organization’s efficiency and patient care. Request a demo to see it in action.