AxiomEHR is Intelligent & Automated

EHR Intelligence in an Intuitive Interface That Works with You

AxiomEHR’s intelligent automation and one-click navigation streamlines clinical workflows, ensuring critical patient information is always at your fingertips, effortlessly and accurately.

Experience the freedom to focus on patient care, empowered by AxiomEHR’s intelligent automation that works silently in the background.

Enhance Productivity with Virtual Assistance

Liberate your staff from mundane, time-consuming tasks with AxiomEHR’s smart automation and Virtual Assistance chatbot for predictable and quick care analysis.

Adapt Seamlessly with Smart Solutions

AxiomEHR’s intelligent features listen and automatically adapt to changes in your industry, and your organization, to ensure your practice is always ahead of the curve.

Care Proactively with Predictive Analytics

Improve patient outcomes with the power of predictive analytics, sentiment analysis, and automated note-taking in AxiomEHR for proactive patient care.

An EHR Designed From the Ground Up with Clinicians in Mind

Explore Axiom’s AI-driven EHR: enhancing care, streamlining workflows, and empowering clinicians with intuitive, customizable technology.
Our team was impressed with the AI capabilities of the software, especially as it extended to using voice functionality to complete progress notes. Care coordination was also greatly simplified for teams, especially for those team members working out in the field with clients.

Senior Team Lead

Wendy King


An EHR Unlike Any Other

AxiomEHR combines advanced technology with user-friendly design, revolutionizing care coordination and delivery. It streamlines workflows, enhances patient engagement, and meets modern healthcare challenges, enabling providers to deliver exceptional, efficient care.


Experience a smooth transition with AxiomEHR’s tailored onboarding process, designed to integrate seamlessly with your unique operational needs.


Leverage Axiom’s telehealth capabilities to provide secure, flexible, and patient-centered virtual care services.

Revenue Cycle Management

Elevate your financial health with Axiom’s strategic revenue cycle solutions, designed for the intricate needs of healthcare billing.