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Health Information Management Systems

Improving Behavioral and Integrated Health Care through Axiom Software and Services.

Innovating Health Tech

Health Information Management Systems (HiMS) is a strategically-thinking group of software experts who are passionate about harnessing the power of technology to create performance-based care tools for integrated health care providers.

From Startup to Behavioral Health Innovator​

 Health Information Management System’s story began in the basement of a 100-year-old building in downtown Tucson and fast-forwards to today with three locations in Tucson, Phoenix and Lehi, Utah and a multi-state customer presence. Back in 2001, Chief Executive Officer Khalid Al-Maskari was convinced he could build better software for a large Tucson-based behavioral health organization. Necessity met invention, and he developed the prototype for what was to become the company’s flagship software product.

Understanding Behavioral Health Care Providers​

Health Information Management Services has invested thousands of hours studying how behavioral health care providers do their jobs, including the activities that are most tedious and frustrating. The integrated health care field is riddled with paperwork and inefficiencies, and in order to mitigate these challenges, HiMS has leveraged its experience with AI to produce a new EHR experience that feels transformative to everyone it touches.

Innovative EHR Solutions
Revolutionizing Patient Care
Transforming Health Care Delivery

The Other Guys

Traditional EHR Systems’ Fragmented Approach
Other EHRs’ Static Solutions
Other EHRs’ Limited Employee Development
Other EHRs’ Conventional Work Culture
Other EHRs’ Complacency in Market Position

Axiom Products & Services

Axiom’s Integrated Health Care Approach
Axiom’s Commitment to Innovation and Change
Axiom’s Core Values of Listening and Trust
Axiom’s Investment in Employee Training and Well-being
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Transformative EHR Solutions

Through intelligent automation and an intuitive and customizable EHR interface, Health Information Management Systems (HiMS) empowers integrated health care professionals to provide efficient, compassionate and high-quality care.

AxiomEHR Software

Revolutionizing Health Care with Intelligent Design and Clinical Efficiency

Axiom Services

Streamline EHR Training and Revenue Management with AxiomLearn and AxiomRCM.


Empowering Remote Care with Future-Ready EHR Solutions.

Axiom Executive Team

Leaders in the World of Health Care Innovation

Meet the visionaries behind Axiom’s success, leading the charge in health care technology and innovation.

Chief Executive Officer

Khalid Al-Maskari

Chief Technology Officer

Shawn Tener

Chief Business Development Manager

Kirk Masters

Director of Operations – MIS 

Armida Miranda

Director of Implementation

Kim Molina

Director of Business Operations

Tania Capin

Customer Success Team Lead

Kimberly McDaniel