AxiomEHR is Uniquely Configurable & Innovative

Uniquely Customizable EHR for Behavioral Health

AxiomEHR leads the way in innovative and customizable EHR solutions, providing a system that conforms to clinicians’ unique needs and expertise.

EHR Software

Embrace the unique configurability and continuous innovation of AxiomEHR to craft a care vision that empowers all clinicians to shape the future of health care, today.

Customized Clinical Experience

AxiomEHR respects the uniqueness of each clinician’s approach, providing customizable EHR interfaces that empower individuals to define their own user experience.

Practice-Aligned Customizable EHR Settings

Align AxiomEHR’s settings with your organization’s specific practices, ensuring a cohesive and efficient workflow across your entire health care spectrum.

Evolve with Health Care

With AxiomEHR’s commitment to innovation, providers can anticipate and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of health care and ensure their practice remains cutting edge.

Is Your EHR Flexible Enough?

Discover how AxiomEHR’s flexible design meets the dynamic needs of any health care practice. Learn how its customizable features simplify workflows, enhance patient care, and evolve with your organization.

ChangePoint Integrated Health has developed a true collaborative partnership with HiMS over the years, and the value they bring to our operations is unparalleled. Axiom stands out among other electronic medical record systems (EMR’S) leading the charge in functionality and quality-based care. The future of healthcare includes AI, and Axiom is at the forefront of innovation and process improvement.

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Oakes


EHR’s Evolutionary Excellence

AxiomEHR propels integrated health care organizations forward with adaptable, innovative solutions that meet the evolving demands of patient care.


Experience a smooth transition with AxiomEHR’s tailored onboarding process, designed to integrate seamlessly with your unique operational needs.


Extend the reach of your services with AxiomEHR’s telehealth capabilities, and ensure quality virtual care and real results – anywhere, anytime.

Revenue Cycle Management

Leverage AxiomEHR’s advanced revenue cycle management for financial optimization. Streamline billing processes and improve financial health.