AxiomMobile: an All-in-One Mobile Communication App (Formerly AxiaGram)

By AxiomEHR | January 18, 2022

AxiomMobile (Formerly AxiaGram), our new all-in-one mobile communication app is designed to work seamlessly with any EHR. So what does AxiomMobile actually do? Let us take you on a conceptual journey.

Imagine a world where you can transform your health care practice through the power of artificial intelligence by documenting patient encounters and clinical plans quickly with voice recognition across all mobile and desktop devices, with no keyboard required. 

Now envision having the ability to avoid costly treatment errors and communication breakdowns during patient transfers.  And while you’re forming this ideal scenario in your mind, imagine coordinating care among multiple disciplines and care settings that results in reduced administrative burdens for clinicians, and connections with patients for a better care experience.

If this sounds like a piece of fiction or wishful thinking that’s ahead of its time, rest assured that it’s not. It’s here now and the future lies within the palm of your hand via mobile technology.  HiMS reimagined health care delivery with the creation of AxiomMobile.

Mobile has always been part of the conversation at HiMS. We’ve understood for years that this was where communication was headed, and that it would be no different for physicians and clinical staff. By working closely with clinics throughout the last few years, it was very clear to us that clinical staff needed more flexibility when it came to their EHR, and the idea for AxiomMobile was born. The AxiomMobile app places all the capabilities of an EHR in the palm of your hand – allowing health care professionals to be better connected, which ultimately leads to better care.

Multiple studies have shown that ineffective communication is the root cause of as much as 66% of medical errors. Open Minds, a national leader in market intelligence and management best practices, states that 40% of staff’s time (two days per week) is spent on clinical documentation, yet 15% – 45% of the documentation has missing or erroneous information. The more difficult we make the administrative aspects of patient care, the more likely the presence of errors. By allowing clinical staff to update patient records via mobile and access them anywhere, AxiomMobile alleviates administrative burdens. AxiomMobile allows clinical staff to make updates on-the-go, with the ability to utilize voice-to-text and artificial intelligence (AI) to help with prompts, follow-ups, and data quality.

The AxiomMobile app also offers:

  • Support for audio/video conferencing for telehealth or internal discussions and instant messaging
  • Shareable news feeds
  • Built-in AI that powers voice recognition to document patient encounters and clinical plans quickly, no keyboard required
  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) capability
  • Unique authentication, data encryption and audit logging to ensure HIPPA compliance
  • Care coordination abilities across multiple disciplines and care settings to reduce administrative burdens for clinicians



In addition to launching AxiomMobile, HiMS is also launching AxiomConnect (Formerly Axiagram Connect), a patient-facing app. We believe that providing great patient experiences starts before a person ever walks through the clinic door. AxiomConnect is a powerful mobile version of a patient portal that allows real-time interactions with clinical staff and allows patients to access health records/lab results, sign documents, schedule appointments and request medication refills. AxiomConnect also syncs with wearable devices to upload health data. This powerful mobile app helps actively engage patients and their caregivers in managing health conditions by harnessing technology, which enhances the effects of treatment.

Our beta users have been test-driving AxiomMobile for the last six months, and it has been very fulfilling to see the app in action and how well it builds upon the advanced capabilities of Axiom. We believe strongly that mobile is the future, and we are excited to be ahead of the curve in offering these powerful capabilities to our customers.

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