Successful EHR Implementations Part 1

By AxiomEHR | May 25, 2021

Why Things Go Wrong

Electronic Health Records are one of the most important pieces of health care technology that exists. They manage patient data and arm physicians with the most up-to-date information and actionable insights. The right EHR should make your practice better and improve the quality of care for your patients.

But over the years, the EHR has developed a less than stellar reputation for being outdated, difficult to use, and a contributor to burnout in the industry. That’s why Health Information Management Systems has reinvented the EHR with AXiOM.

Clinics are seeing the value of non-legacy EHR providers but showcasing its potential is only half the battle. Staff and providers can be hesitant to implement a new EHR because they’re used to doing it a certain way and learning something new can be time consuming.

In this blog series, we will explore implementing a new EHR – why things go wrong and how clinics can remove common barriers.

Let’s start by exploring the most common reasons why implementations don’t go smoothly. Hint: It’s not related to a technical issue.

Reason 1: Clinics don’t ask the right questions.

When you are selecting a new EHR, make sure whichever provider you choose has a clearly defined process for transitioning your data, training staff, creating personalized processes, and customer support. Discuss the transition timeline and be clear on the time investment for every member of your practice.

Also, make sure to ask about cost structure including exactly how you will be charged and when. Is there extra cost for additional customizations? How often is the software updated? What if you need extra customer support or training? Become familiar with any potential up-charges that may exist.

Reason 2: Clinics are not prepared.

Transitioning to a new EHR platform will consume resources and there will be a learning curve. This shouldn’t be a deterrent or a reason to stick with a software that is outdated and isn’t meeting your clinic’s needs. If you find the right EHR, the transition will be well worth it and the disruptions will be minimized. However, going into the process with a full understanding of the commitment can pave the way for a smoother path to adoption. Start by acknowledging there may be a period of time where you miss your old system because you knew how to do everything without thinking. This is normal and it won’t last long. If you’re prepared and have a clear sense of what you are about to go through, the process will be easier.

Reason 3: The wrong provider is selected.

It’s imperative to choose an EHR provider that’s transparent, answers all of your questions and makes you feel comfortable. You want an EHR provider that will be your partner throughout the transition. Leave the technical aspects of the implementation to the EHR provider. It’s their job to assess your systems and handle problems.

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