New AxiomMobile (Formerly AxiaGram) Mobile Communication App by HiMS

By AxiomEHR | January 18, 2022

New AxiomMobile (Formerly AxiaGram) Communication App by HiMS Provides Health Care Professionals the Ability to Transform Where, When and How Patient Care is Delivered

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, HIPPA-Compliant and Simple-To-Use App Seamlessly Integrates Into any EHR to Improve Communication and Patient Health Outcomes

TUCSON, Ariz., Jan. 18, 2021 ─ Health Information Management Systems (HiMS) today announced the launch of AxiomMobile (Formerly AxiaGram), a powerful all-in-one mobile communication care app that can seamlessly work with any existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform. AxiomMobile (Formerly AxiaGram) was designed with health care professionals in mind to provide them the freedom to complete required tasks at the right time and in the right place without having to continually switch between multiple software applications.

“Physicians, clinical staff and patients need to communicate constantly throughout the day and complete required health care documentation,” said Khalid Al-Maskari, founder and CEO of HiMS. “We created AxiomMobile after discovering there was need for a secure and centralized mobile tool that could increase productivity, elevate patient care coordination and eliminate disconnects that lead to medical errors.”

According to The Joint Commission, ineffective communication is the root cause of 66% of medical errors. Market intelligence leader Open Minds states 40% of staff’s time (two days per week) is spent on clinical documentation, yet 15% – 45% of the documentation has missing or erroneous information. To improve clinical performance, the AxiomMobile app features:

  • The ability to integrate with any EHR platform with a secure API that is easily customizable
  • A centralized communications platform that includes audio/video conferencing for telehealth or internal discussions, instant messaging, shareable news feeds and more
  • Built-in artificial intelligence (AI) that powers voice recognition to document patient encounters and clinical plans quickly, no keyboard required
  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) capability
  • Unique authentication, data encryption and audit logging to ensure HIPPA compliance
  • Care coordination abilities across multiple disciplines and care settings to reduce administrative burdens for clinicians

“AxiomMobile is a game-changer for integrated health care providers,” said Rod Cook, CEO of COPE Community Services. “We’re looking forward to having the opportunity to document patient encounters and clinical plans quickly with voice recognition without a keyboard.”


Patient-centered care is also made possible by the integrated AxiomConnect patient portal. By harnessing the power of technology in a mobile device, AxiomConnect provides real-time interactions that improves patient and caregiver engagement and helps patients adopt preventive health behaviors.

Patients can view health records and lab results, sign documents, schedule appointments and request medication refills. AxiomConnect also seamlessly links to wearable devices so that patients can monitor vitals and track progress in their healthcare journey.

Clinicians can use AxiomConnect to document changes in clinical outcomes with no keyboard required, link to clinical data, improve workflows, reduce administrative burden and satisfy meaningful work requirements.

Incorporating an effective tool like AxiomConnect into patient encounters can:

  • Improve chronic disease management with real-time interactions
  • Increase revenue opportunities by chatting or texting multiple times per day with patients and freeing up time for additional patient visits
  • Enhance communication among providers practicing between multiple sites or settings
  • Eliminate poorly coordinated care transitions and high emergency room readmission rates
  • Increase provider satisfaction rates

To learn more about AxiomMobile, click here.

About HiMS

Health Information Management Systems (HiMS) is a national company headquartered in Tucson, Arizona that designs Electronic Health Records (EHR) software to transform the integrated health care experience.  HiMS creates innovative solutions that lead to better outcomes, lower costs and higher-quality care.  The company sets itself apart from its competitors by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to Improve clinical documentation and decision support.  More information is available at

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