How to Narrow Down the Endless EHR Options

By AxiomEHR | February 6, 2020

The health tech market is massive, and its growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon

The industry is valued at $7.2 trillion worldwide, according to World Health Organization. As a subset of the broader health tech marketplace, the EHR market is following a similar growth trend. As reported by Fierce Healthcare, the EHR market reached an estimated $31.5 billion in 2018, with well over 1,000 EHR vendors. Despite the large number in EHR providers, these tools have long been criticized for their poor usability. They’re often perceived as time-wasters and stress-inducers, yet the big legacy players have continued to grow.

Legacy EHRs still dominate the market as the “safe choice,” but newer players are emerging with interoperable systems, better user interfaces and smarter AI. With that, it’s important to know how to sift through the crowded market to choose an EHR that’s right for your clinic.

Consider innovation and forward-thinking
The health care industry is notorious for falling behind when it comes to technology, and this has certainly proven to be true with legacy EHR providers. These antiquated systems are what earned EHRs their negative reputation—but this doesn’t have to be the case. With Axiom, HiMS is redefining what an EHR is capable of. We want to remind everyone that EHRs are meant to be a time-saving way to provide better care. When you’re looking for any new health tech solution, make sure the solution values innovation, and be sure to look for fresh voices who can offer a better approach.

Think about customer satisfaction
Legacy EHRs might have more years in the game, but more years doesn’t necessarily equal a better product. In fact, legacy EHRs are a major reason why clinics have a harder time retaining patients. So, before you choose to stick with a faulty legacy tool, consider the actual success rate the technology provider has achieved. There’s a reason HiMS experienced a 25% revenue growth and retain 100% of its existing customers last year—it’s because our solution works.

Value transparency
When looking at health tech, pay extra attention to companies that are transparent about their pricing, their business model and how they work with customers. If a company doesn’t provide specifics on how you’ll be charged for add-ons, customer service or new features, that should be a concern. With Axiom, we’re 100% upfront with our pricing structure, and you’ll never be charged extra for features or customer support.

Sifting through the crowded health tech market is never easy, but it’s critical to look for technology providers that care about helping their customers better serve their patients. We’re not only proud of our Axiom product – we’re just as proud of the intention, community and team behind it. We value our customers and the innovative, time-saving solutions we bring to the integrated health care space.
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