HiMS and Career Seekers: a Perfect Match

By AxiomEHR | May 4, 2023

HiMS was hiring, and Carlos Rivera was looking. We both lucked out. So have the customers he’s helped get the most value possible out of their Axiom EHR software.

Carlos, 29, a tier 1 customer success specialist, epitomizes the ideal hire: We needed a person who would treat our customers like gold. Carlos had proved himself many times over in that regard at another company, but was looking for bigger opportunities.

“It was time for a change,” recalls Carlos, who until recently was working at an internet service provider. “I’d been taking customer support calls back-to-back eight hours a day for five years. Although every customer is different, the issues were always the same. ‘My internet is down’ or ‘I’m paying too much.’ I was looking for career growth, more exposure to cool technology, and different ways to help people.”

Carlos invested a lot of effort into researching opportunities, so he knew the HiMS job posting was definitely worth answering. HiMS, recently recognized as a best place to work, thought Carlos’ application was worth answering, too.

Although a good match, it almost got derailed from the start. His prospective interviewer, Customer Success Lead Kimmy McDaniel, caught the flu, so HiMS asked him to reschedule. Then Kimmy rallied and re-rescheduled, inviting Carlos in at the originally scheduled time.

While skittish candidates may have seen the scheduling chaos as a red flag, even-keeled Carlos rolled with it. “It was flu season, so I understood,” he says.

Carlos – warm, articulate, and fast on his feet – sailed through two interviews and is now firmly ensconced in the HiMS family. “I love to use my head to solve problems, like working through a puzzle,” he says. “Customers are almost always happy with the support we provide. And I feel like helping HiMS customers is my small way of improving health care. I’d recommend HiMS to anyone looking for career opportunity.”

And we’d recommend Carlos – but we’re keeping him.

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