Why Switching to Axiom is Easy

By AxiomEHR | March 9, 2020

Over the last few months, we’ve helped you understand the ins and outs of Axiom and why the EHR market desperately needs to change. We’ve discussed its unique focus on the behavioral health and integrated health care industries, and we’ve highlighted the need for increased flexibility and smarter systems to help achieve a perfect patient life cycle. While all of these are key functions of Axiom that dramatically improve the health care process, we want to dive deeper into one of the primary reasons why our customers love our 30-day FasTrac Guarantee.

Up and Running Within 30 Days

One of the biggest reasons why clinics choose to stick with their faulty, underperforming legacy EHRs is the fear of the chaotic transition period between systems. In a heavily-regulated industry like health care, there’s no room for a messy transition period. We understand this better than anyone—data can’t get lost, compromised or corrupted, so we make sure to handle your information with the highest level of care. But just because we take every precaution possible doesn’t mean we can’t get your clinic up and running with Axiom within 30 days.

The reason we can guarantee this is because we don’t install any hardware or software—Axiom exists entirely in the cloud. Similarly, our method for implementation and deployment, timing and sequencing of Axiom roll-outs are based upon our customer’s unique objectives and priorities.

24/7 High-Quality Support

However, just because we can get your clinic set up with Axiom in 30 days or less doesn’t mean we’ll abandon you once those 30 days are up. Another key reason why our customers love Axiom is because of our 24/7, high-quality support. We treat our customers like partners, and we stick with them every step of the way. Whether that involves scheduled training sessions, detailed phone conversations or quick check-ins, HiMS is there to help.

User Friendly

Although our customers love our industry-leading support services, it’s also important to note that we specifically designed Axiom to be easy to use. This helps make the transition period even more seamless—instead of wasting time learning a new software solution, clinics can spend more time with patients. Our Apple-inspired user interface is designed to access any screen in two clicks or less and limit the learning curve as much as possible. We don’t want you to waste time having to learn our solution. We made it easy so your EHR can be the last thing on your mind.

Lastly, we want to remind you that EHRs are meant to make your staff’s life easier, not hinder them from treating patients. If your EHR is eating up time with patients, putting your clinic behind schedule and making day-to-day operations stressful, Axiom offers the solution.

For more information on how we can help you implement Axiom, contact us today!


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