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Our flagship product, AxiomEHR is revolutionizing how healthcare professionals manage patient data and streamline their workflows. With its innovative and user-friendly interface, AxiomEHR empowers organizations to deliver efficient and compassionate quality-based care, setting a new standard for comprehensive integrated healthcare solutions.

Dive Deeper into Our Intelligent EHR

Uncover the transformative features of AxiomEHR and how they elevate patient care and streamline clinic operations.

Shaping the Healthcare of the Future

Advancing care with smart, seamless behavioral health EHR software solutions tailored to fit every healthcare professional’s unique needs.


Efficient Operations


Quality-Based Care


Intelligent Automation


Customer Focus

Deliver Efficient and Compassionate Care

AxiomEHR unites cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, enabling integrated healthcare organizations to deliver exceptional, coordinated care seamlessly.

How Axiom Does it Differently

Seamless Data Migration

Take the guesswork out of data migration and implementation. Ensure your transition to AxiomEHR is smooth with a more efficient setup process than any other mental and behavioral health EHR on the market—and a personalized onboarding process uniquely tailored to your organization’s needs.

A Focus on Customer Success

Expand your care delivery with a company dedicated to your success. Axiom’s integrated telehealth solutions empower you to offer secure, convenient, and flexible virtual health services so you can care for every patient with ease.

Comprehensive RCM Capabilities

Make revenue cycle management a breeze with AxiomEHR’s comprehensive financial analysis and reporting capabilities designed to enhance billing efficiency and maximize overall revenue.

Mastering Mobile Care

The powerful AxiomMobile app revolutionizes on-the-go health care, offering clinicians robust, user-friendly software that integrates flawlessly with AxiomEHR and other systems for unparalleled flexibility and connectivity.

Your Partner in Delivering Exceptional Patient Care

Axiom’s comprehensive suite of services revolutionizes integrated healthcare with expert training, a dedicated customer success team, efficient revenue management, and cutting-edge mobile solutions, fostering operational excellence and elevating patient care outcomes.

Axiom Services


Empower your staff with AxiomLearn’s targeted training programs, designed to elevate expertise and enhance care delivery.


Enhance financial performance with Axiom’s strategic billing and revenue cycle management (RCM), boosting practice profitability.

Endorsed by Leaders in Health Care

Integrated healthcare organizations trust Axiom for its innovative, clinician-designed solutions that deliver real results in patient care and operational efficiency.

Our organization required an EHR that made our staff’s jobs better, faster and more efficient…We were very pleased with the improvement in workflows.

Wendy King

[Axiom] has worked collaboratively with COPE Community Services to design software that is easy to use and responsive to our needs as an Integrated healthcare service provider.
Cope Community Services

Rod Cook

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